Summer Drone Flying Tips

With record-breaking heat inevitably coming, it is imperative pilots understand how to prepare for drone flying in the heat. While it is always best practice to check your drone manual for heat restrictions, most drone can fly in temperatures up to 104-degree Fahrenheit. What else can you do to better prepare? Check out our tips below!

Fortress UAV Drone Repair Update

The drone repair process should not be complicated. A reputable, quality drone repair shop should not be hard to find. You should not be blindsided by unforeseen repair costs. But these realities persist and cause nothing but headaches. That’s where we step in. It is our mission to make the drone repair process as simple, fast and painless as possible. As we view it, drone repair as it should be.

Meet DJI Terra

DJI has released their latest software – DJI Terra. DJI Terra allows users to ‘capture, analyze and visualize’ their environment with easy-to-use mapping software. It was created and designed to ‘help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into valuable digital assets.’

Comprehensive Communication Services and Fortress UAV Partner to Provide Fully Comprehensive MERC-UASC Solution

Comprehensive Communication Services (CCS), a company created after Hurricane Katrina with the sole focus of providing mobile communication platforms for First Responders during disasters, and Fortress UAV, a leading provider of drone managed services including repair, preventative maintenance and support for clients, with a focus on public safety, have partnered to provide a fully comprehensive Mobile Emergency Response Center – Unmanned Aerial System Carrier (MERC-UASC) solution.

Drone Battery Care: The Need to Knows

Have you ever tried flying your drone with depleted or damaged batteries? Let us guess, it didn’t work out so well for you. Batteries are vital to flying a drone. And to be honest, they are not cheap. That’s why all drone pilots want to extend the life and functionality of their batteries – and drone flying time – for as long as possible. Good thing there are several steps you can take to ensure proper care of your batteries.

Air Beat Magazine: Is it Safe to Fly? Drone Preventative Maintenance

Fortress UAV is proud to be included in the Airborne Public Safety Association’s January-February 2019 issue of Air Beat Magazine! In the article we discuss drone preventative maintenance for UAS operators. We help to establish the precedent for preventative maintenance while looking at the manned aviation world, talk through recent FAA regulations, discuss why preventative maintenance is beneficial and most importantly… what to look for in a drone preventative maintenance service provider.

How to Find a Reputable Drone Repair Shop

Drones are a lot like cars. Both, with extended use and in many cases accidents, require repair. And just like your car, you wouldn’t want to trust just any random shop with the needed repair and maintenance. You want to find a reliable and reputable drone repair shop that you can trust to get your drone back in top-notch shape and flying again. So, how do you find a credible drone repair shop?

Drone Aerial Photography: The Art & Technical Skill

Drone aerial shots continue to amaze us. Sometimes, the perfect shot can make you sit and stare, calm your soul, or feed your need for more. Snagging those shots isn’t easy… It takes a lot of work and preparation – often the perfect balance between the art and technical skill. We wanted to try and compile some of the industry’s best tips and tricks to create the ‘essentials’. Keep reading to learn more.

CES 2019 Drone Highlights

Every year CES sets the global stage for innovation. It is the world’s largest gathering for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. With over 4,500 exhibiting companies and over 180k in attendance, CES attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneers in technology. Drones are no different. Drones first made their appearance on the CES stage in 2015 and have been attracting attendees ever since.