Drone Battery Care: The Need to Knows


Have you ever tried flying your drone with depleted or damaged batteries? Let us guess, it didn’t work out so well for you. Batteries are vital to flying a drone. And to be honest, they are not cheap. That’s why all drone pilots want to extend the life and functionality of their batteries – and drone flying time – for as long as possible. Good thing there are several steps you can take to ensure proper care of your batteries.

Most drone manufacturers use Lithium Polymer batteries also known as LiPo batteries. While highly powerful, they require even more attention and care.

  1. Understand the basic battery functionality before you fly. While it can be tedious, we suggest downloading and reading the manual for your specific flight battery and drone before flying.

  2. Only fly your drone with a fully charged battery. We can’t stress this bullet enough!

    Pro Tip: Make a battery check part of your pre-flight checklist.

  3. Check battery power throughout drone flight. Always be aware of the current battery levels.

  4. Never (ever!) install or remove a battery from your drone while it is turned on. Turn off aircraft before installing or removing.

  5. If your drone requires multiple batteries for flight, we recommend cycling through your batteries.

    Pro Tip: Labeling your batteries can help you with organizing and cycling.

  6. We recommend only using an official charger for your battery. Using an online, third-party battery charger may be cheaper but can also void your warranty.

  7. Don’t charge your battery right after flying. It is best practice to wait 15 minutes before charging. This lets the battery cool down.

  8. Ensure you are following proper room temperature controls when charging your batteries. Your user manual should indicate the best room temperature to charge batteries in.

  9. Ensure you are following proper environmental temperature controls when flying your drone. Your user manual should indicate the best environment temperatures to fly your drone in.

  10. Never charge your battery unsupervised or on a flammable surface. We suggest using a metal box or fireproof bag for your own peace of mind.

  11. Store batteries at room temperature in a dry, ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight and hot garages and never store batteries in the drone. Again, we recommend using a metal box or fireproof bag for storage and your own peace of mind.

  12. Never charge, discharge, use or store a damaged or puffy battery. Dispose of immediately following proper protocols.

If your battery does indicate an error, try running your battery down to 0% and then recharging fully – this may help.

While this seems like a lot (and we know it is!) following these steps will ensure your drone batteries are being properly cared for. Proper care extends the life of your batteries and ensures safe use.

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