Meet DJI Terra

DJI has released their latest software – DJI Terra. DJI Terra allows users to ‘capture, analyze and visualize’ their environment with easy-to-use mapping software. It was created and designed to ‘help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into valuable digital assets.’


There are multiple use cases for this software, especially those with time-sensitive missions. Use cases include but are not limited to:

  1. Public Safety
    Gather critical on-site information fast.

  2. Construction
    Collect and analyze data across numerous construction projects at once.

  3. Infrastructure
    Perform comprehensive inspections on multifaceted structures easily.

  4. Agriculture
    Gather a better understanding of your fields to generate higher yields.

  5. Filming
    Optimize pre-visualizations better plan across teams and workflows.

DJI Terra allows drone pilots to easily (and quickly!) generated 2D maps while the drone is in-flight and can transform drone data into 3D models and maps for further analysis.

DJI Terra has three mission options:

  1. Area
    Capture a specific area quickly and easily by drawing a custom polygonal flight zone on a map. DJI Terra automatically generates efficient flight path options based on the area selected.

  2. Waypoint
    Create dynamic custom flight paths through an area or around objects using waypoints and adjustable parameters like aircraft altitude, speed, heading, gimbal pitch and angle. For more complex missions that require high attention to detail, the 3D Flight Visualisation feature enables the design and simulation of missions on existing 3D models.

  3. Oblique
    Capture a rich data set by automatically flying the same route multiple times. Each flight automatically adjusts the angle of the camera to capture new details, giving an extra crisp 3D model of the object or asset from multiple angles.

DJI Terra is compatible with the following Phantom 4 drones:

  • Phantom 4 RTK

  • Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

  • Phantom 4 Pro + V2.0

  • Phantom 4 Pro

  • Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4

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To see the official DJI press release, click here.

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