Top 5 Causes of Drone Crashes

It’s no secret – drones crash. We fix them. It’s at the heart of what we, Fortress UAV, offer. Our team of professional technicians have the training and experience to fully diagnose issues and get each drone back up in the air, FAST.

Why do drones crash? There are many reasons – Let’s look at the top 5 causes:

(1) No Flight Training
Before flying a drone for the first time, it is imperative to take the proper training measures. Common precautions you can take:

  • Read Owner’s Manual – important information plus tips and tricks on flying the specific drone can found within. Ensure you know how to navigate both the drone itself and the controller.

  • Online Tutorials – the internet is a powerful tool and can be used to research your drone, find drone flying tutorials, best practices, and more.

  • Practice – as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Practice taking off and landing. Start with small flight patterns and slowly expand.

(2) Skipping Pre-Flight Checkup
Always perform a pre-flight checkup before flying your drone. Items to check can include:

  • Proper, secure battery placement

  • Sufficient battery life for intended flight (we recommend nothing less than 75%)

  • Proper, secure propeller attachment

  • Proper signal via aligned RC antennas

  • Compass calibration

  • Firmware updated and ready to go

  • Correct flight mode selected

(3) Poor Weather
Sometimes crashes are caused by environmental factors, including weather. ALWAYS check weather conditions before flight take off.

  • Wind can cause significant damage to a drone as flying against high winds can drain batteries faster and reduce overall flight performance. Not to mention, winds at a certain speed can wipe drones from the air.

  • Rain/sleet/ice/snow can cause water damage both internally and externally to a drone. Many times, this water damage is irreversible.

  • For more information on apps that can be used to help track weather patterns can be found in a past blog here.

(4) Flying Past Line of Sight
While drones are designed to travel long distances, flying beyond line of sight can be dangerous for not only your drone, but others around you. Not being able to see your drone at all times can be disorienting and cause confusion. Not to mention, the FAA currently requires visual sight for recreational drone flights.

(5) Pilot Error
Whether we like to talk about it or not, pilot error can and does cause drone crashes. Even the most experienced flyers can make errors. That being said, we circle back up to #1 – to avoid mistakes, practice, practice, practice. Gradually increase speed and distance until experience and confidence is reached.

No matter what happened or the reason, no matter how big or small, our team is ready to tackle and any all drone repairs. Crashed and looking for a reputable, reliable drone repair shop? Trust Fortress UAV. Get started here.