Summer Drone Flying Tips


With record-breaking heat inevitably coming, it is imperative pilots understand how to prepare for drone flying in the heat. While it is always best practice to check your drone manual for heat restrictions, most drone can fly in temperatures up to 104-degree Fahrenheit. What else can you do to better prepare? Check out our tips below!

  1. Never leave your drone, batteries or other equipment in a hot car or storage space. Prolonged exposure to very high temperatures can reduce the life of your LiPo battery and can cause internal wires and plastics to melt.

  2. Shorten your flight times and take breaks! In general, hot temperatures can cause your drone’s motors to work harder and thus, shorter flight times. It is important to always keep an eye on your battery and take breaks – let both you and your drone cool down.

  3. Humidity = bad. As many of you may know, hot weather is often accompanied by high humidity. Humidity can cause your drone to become damp with moisture and as we all know, water causes damage. Always check the humidity before flying and ensure you wipe down your drone before and after flights.

Most importantly stay safe! As always, ensure you are following all drone rules and regulations.